Who is Dirty Dollhouse?

Singer songwriter seems too generic a label for show starter Chelsea Mitchell, but her vocals deserve more spotlight than simply deeming her folk. Instantly, with the help of backing singers Amber Twait and Vanessa Winters (her sisters in Dirty Dollhouse), the room was gracefully filled with lived-in harmonies, a compliment to her earnest a Capella peaks.
— Alexandra Fletcher, Tri State Indie

Dirty Dollhouse is the retro/folk/pop music of singer-songwriter Chelsea Mitchell with accompaniment by a rotating cast of Philly's best and brightest. The group's signature sound comes from century-spanning influences, confessional lyrics, and layers of harmony.


Chelsea Mitchell
Guitar / Lead Vocals

Eric Lawry
Drums / Percussion / Backing Vocals

August John Lutz II
Electric Guitar

Joshua Machiz

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